Mikhail B. Sheftel (Professor) Personal Web Page
Degrees received:
  University Department  Year
MS Saratov State Univ. Theoretical Physics 1964
PhD Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Laboratory of Theoretical Physics 1969
Dr. of Phys-Math Sciences Tomsk State Univ. Theoretical Physics 1994
Areas of interest Ongoing Projects
  • Mathematical Physics
    • Lie Groups and Lie algebras
    • Differential Equations
  • Method of partner symmetries and non-invariant solutions of differential equations.
Selected Publications
  • Differential invariants and group foliation for the complex Monge-Ampre equation, J. Phys. A: Gen. Vol. 34, 137-156 (2001).
  • Superintegrable systems in quantum mechanics and classical Lie theory, J. Math. Phys. Vol. 42, 659-673 (2001) (with P. Tempesta and P. Winternitz).
  • Group foliation and non-invariant solutions of the heavenly equation, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. Vol. 34, 9243-9263 (2001) (with L. Martina and P. Wintermitz).
  • Partner symmetries of the complex Monge-Ampre equation yield hyper-Khler metrics without continuous symmetries, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen., Vol. 36, 10023-10037 (2003) (with A.A. Malykh and Y. Nutku).
  • Symmetry group analysis and invariant solutions of hydrodynamic-type systems, Intern. J. Math. Sciences, Vol. 2004, 487-534 (2004).
  • Partner symmetries and non-invariant solutions of four-dimensional heavenly equations, arxiv:math-ph/0403020 (2004) (with A. A. Malykh and Y. Nutku).
* e-mail: mikhail.sheftel@boun.edu.tr